A Beautiful Thing

Audrey Allen is an ordinary four year old who does one thing that most four year olds don’t do.  She studies the piano.  Although most four year olds don’t study the piano, in Suzuki Method it’s fairly common.

Audrey’s mother is a Suzuki piano teacher and the other Allen Children also study piano.  Along with her siblings Elyse, Kalynn, and John Peter, she recently performed in a five piano concert in Libby Gardner Hall. 

Who ever heard of a 4 year old performing in a five piano concert?  In Suzuki Method the kids start young.

Some of those five piano groups are also performing in a five piano concert tonight (Sept 18) at the LDS Conference Center theater   Audrey’s group will be there. Tomorrow those piano kids will come together again to participate in a most unusual concert.

On September 19, hundreds of kids from across the state will join together to perform with one heart and one voice in the LDS Conference Center Auditorium.  The performers will range in age from three to eighteen and will play on a variety of instruments including, harp, cello, violin, viola, string bass, flute, voice, and piano. 
This is an unforgettable night for everyone who participates and everyone who attends.  

It is a magical night, a night of Celebration.   Hosted by the Suzuki Association of Utah this event happens once every five years.  The theme for Celebration IX is Where Love is Deep.  The theme was taken from a quote by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki the founder and creator of the Suzuki Method:  “Where Love is Deep, Much can be Accomplished.

The Suzuki Association of Utah is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and students who embrace the philosophies of Dr. Suzuki.  Dr. Suzuki believed that every child could learn, that a study of music creates noble character, and that music could change the world.

Print at Home tickets are still available for only $8.  Ticket price includes admission to both events. Tickets are $15 at the door. 

Audrey’s family lives in Bluffdale.  They are an ordinary family who does ordinary things.  They play soccer, dance, sing, swim, draw pictures, read books, go to school, and also study the piano. 

It’s a beautiful thing.

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